chapter TWO


*** UNEDITED ***

Forgiveness isn’t something that can be handed over at the drop of every, I’m sorry or I fucked up. True forgiveness takes time. Every brick has to be carefully crafted and laid in just the right place with no imperfections—no lies can remain. Everything must be out in the open, bared for all to see.

I love Drago. There is no denying the truth in that, and I believed him when he told me he loves me too. But he would be a fool if he thinks he doesn’t have to earn my trust; the same as I have to earn his. We both kept secrets for the greater good, or so we thought.

Our weaknesses can only harm us if we’re scared of the unknown; the future. We have the power to either let what we love—who we love—hold us back or push through together, as a united front.

I won’t be the woman that accepts whatever her man deems she gets. If he wants me, us—all of us together, then it’ll be on an equal playing field in all things. I’d rather walk away in the end than be stuck in a relationship not founded on honesty, respect, and equality. We can reign together, stronger, or we can go our separate ways. Regardless, we’ll both survive. We may be unhappy, perhaps even miserable, but I choose to power through with or without him.

I never let my father or my brother dictate my life or make decisions for me. Lord knows they sure as hell tried, so why would I allow the man I love, the father of my children, try and run my life as he deems fit? I want a partner, not a dictator.

“Mmm.” The delicious moan on my tongue breaks through my lips, escaping my mouth in a long, drawn out sigh.

Drago’s strong fingers wrap around my inner thighs. Tightening his grip, he presses my legs farther apart. His lips descend softly, kissing the smooth skin at the apex of my thigh. The smacking sound is music to my sleepy ears as he makes a meal out of me.

A woman could get used to being woken up this way. That woman being me.

Every muscle along my back tenses up when his warm tongue licks up my slit in a slow, drawn out motion, creating a cascade of tingles to erupt all over my body. Fisting the sheets on both sides, I relax, melting into the mattress.

My eyes protest opening, but the need to see him working me up is too great. His dark hair on top of his head is the first thing I see bobbing up and down. If the feel of his tongue swirling around my clit is any indication, I’d say he’s enjoying himself down there.

His right hand slips from my thigh, moving below his chin. D’s middle finger slips between my folds, entering me slowly, almost in a torturous manner. My back arches in a way that has his tongue digging into my flesh. I feel him smile against me, but he doesn’t stop his glorious assault. After a few pumps in and out, his long finger leaves me, only to be replaced with his thumb. It’s thicker but shorter, not reaching inside me far enough to hit that sweet spot.

I’m about to tell him to stop teasing me when his middle finger presses against my asshole. I stiffen, not expecting him to play with me there. It wasn’t too long ago he mentioned he wanted to fuck my ass, but he’s never tried—before now.

He waits, as if giving me time to decide if I want to open that part of myself to him. The decision isn’t hard. Even if it had never been something I thought I would consider, which it’s not, I’d still give it to him. Only him.

I hate how Drago ended our relationship, but I understand why he did. He loves me and would go through hell without me if it meant I was safe. That kind of love and sacrifice isn’t often found. Too many people are selfish and only care about themselves. As mad as I am at him, he is worthy of getting all of me, and I’ll never settle for less of him either.

Relaxing a little more, I curl my toes around the bed sheets to help me press against his finger, giving him permission. He nips my clit ever so lightly with his teeth, showing his gratitude. D is slow and gentle as his finger enters my back hole. At first, it’s an awkward pressure that I’m not certain I’m going to like, much less enjoy.

When he’s an inch inside me, he draws both fingers back, easing out of me, then slowly pushes in again. His tongue starts lapping me, changing the sensation up. My breath catches in my throat when I gasp at his fingers speed up.

I start mewling. Sounds that have never left my lips pour out of me. My grip on the sheets tighten, pulling on them and not caring if I rip the fabric apart. 

My orgasm isn’t slow. It hits like a freight train, yanking my back off the bed. I scream, letting the pleasure rip through me.

Falling back, my exhale shutters out of me as my body calms from the uncontrollable shaking Drago orchestrated.

When I look back down, he has a satisfied smirk displayed on his sexy face.

“Good morning, baby.”

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine double penetration being something I’d be into. I guess I always thought of it like porn or a threesome when the girl was getting pounded by two guys.

I’m too out of breath to reply, so instead, I reach down and grab him by the bicep, pulling him to me until his lips land on mine. Then I show him just how much of a good morning it is.


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